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    Lisa Thommen, LCPC

    I'm a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with 16+ years experience. I believe that everyone is capable of overcoming obstacles and moving toward becoming their best self. All families have challenges, and can use these challenges as opportunities to improve their relationships. Therapy is a tool that provides a safe, accepting environment in which people can begin to make the changes they need to have the life they want to live. I work with children and families, as well as adults, helping them navigate through life's challenges. I specialize in symptoms of Anxiety, ADHD and Depression. I work with frustrated parents and challenging child behaviors which are impacting the family in a negative way. I also assist the family in decreasing tension and moving toward enjoying a sense of well-being together.

    Children often need help mastering their fears, identifying feelings, and working on issues such as self-esteem, social skills, and grief. My ultimate goal is for individuals and families to move toward a happier and more peaceful existence by helping them find their own ability to cope with these issues. I help children who are having issues with schoolwork, bullying, or excessive worrying. I help parents to cope with their child's behaviors, and to learn new ways of responding to them.

    Families also need help with navigating the school IEP process and dealing with children's school issues, and I have over 15 years of experience in this area.

    I also see adults who are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, panic, relationship problems, and work/family stressors. I help those struggling with change, or those who feel 'stuck'. People who are having a tough time dealing with life stressors may need to find new ways of functioning and coping, and I can help.

    I utilize an Integrative Approach to treatment, and my areas of speciality include Cognitive-Behavioral, Client-Centered Therapy, Family Therapy, and Psychoanalytical Theory. My ultimate goal is to assist people to use their problems in life to propel themselves to a place where they are living happier, fuller lives.


    Lisa Thommen, LCPC

    To Contact Lisa:

    410-933-WELL (410-933-9355) Ext. 1

    My services are eligible for reimbursement through most medical insurance companies.