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  • Rebecca Steinbach

    Becca Steinbach is an intuitive, lightworker, and healer. She assists, guides, and uplifts both humans and animals through numerous modalities of guidance and healing, including: Reiki, Intuitive Guidance Sessions, Oracle and Tarot Readings, Animal Reiki, Intuitive Animal Behavior Consultations, and Essential Oils Education for people and animals.

    A re-awakening process began for Becca in 2012 and a pivotal shifting point erupted in 2015, causing Becca to look within, heal, and consciously release her own limiting beliefs and the lower vibrations that did not serve her. As she did, her intuitive gifts reemerged and became a reflection of Becca’s amplifying joy. Through a series of synchronicities, Becca was led to Reiki, channeling, tarot and oracle cards, and other high vibration tools and situations. As Becca understood more of herself and the joy that can be found within, a desire grew within her to assist other beings to come into alignment with their joy too. Thus, Inner Nature was created.

    Inner Nature offers you opportunities to connect with your subconscious mind, higher dimensions, other consciousnesses, and your Higher Self. The goal of each offering is to assist you in releasing any negative energies or limiting beliefs that do not serve you, to assist you in understanding your Authentic Self and to come into alignment with Well-being, Vitality, Joy, and Unconditional Love. By looking within, you have the potential to live your best life -the life of your highest good and greatest joy.

    A healing, reading, or guidance session can be the spark that ignites or the fuel that feeds the flames of your Inner Evolution. Inner Nature can be the bridge that connects you with your Higher Self, can assist you in your path of ascension, and can serve as validation as you discover your own natural gifts and intuitive abilities. We are here to co-create and uplift one another; join in and discover the fullness of your Inner Nature!


    To Contact Rebecca:

    410-933-WELL (410-933-9355) Ext. 6